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Technical misconception                                    

Essentially a technical misconception refers to the situation where a wrong perception is created in a particular group of people over an issue in methodological manner. This paper intends to outline use of sophisticated technology in the media as a technical misconception created by the media owners and employees (Das, Dilip & Prabudesai, 28). It is fundamental to note that, majority of the technological equipment and presentation is not original but rather aped. It is notable that, a lot of aping is appreciated in the use of technology in the media. This occurs when one or more media houses copy what other media centers have acquired and appreciated. This is act of copying represents technical misconception to the perceived audience.

Education plan

I am passionate in chemical engineering course, specialty in chemistry. This course is interesting in the chemical bonding and the processes attributed to bond formation. Having done a diploma in oil drilling and petro-chemistry, most university will grant me a vacancy to continue with a degree in chemical engineering. This is done by using the diploma credentials in applying for the degree course.

Engineering being a complex and intensive course, which requires extensive experience especially out of class work; I intend to work in an oil company in South West Africa. This opportunity is fundamental to any student pursuing chemical engineering, because this oil company has vast and modern technology required in the chemical processes. The procedures followed in the conversion of crude oil into refined oil will be a major focus in this industrial attachment. A lot of travel is required because this country is another continent. I intend to consult the chief engineer on the success attributed to an engineering student.

The Moore’s law

Moore’s law refers to a computing term, which attributes to the law of overall processing power for computers in relation to the doubling aspect in every two years. However, this law is attributed to a number of limitations (Das et al, 34). The primary one involves creation of transistors as atomic particles, which minimizes more room for growth in the CPU market, which values speed.

The personal inclination, which makes me a good engineer, includes apt competence and skill in oil drilling and petro-chemistry.

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