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The Google correlate findings indicated, “Correlation does not imply causation.” For instance Google correlate terms which correlate with heart attack are ‘blind gossip’ (0.7446) and ‘images with quotes’ (0.7435) among others. For comparison among US states, correlates of ‘heart attack’ are “is it a” (0.8466) “is it a (0.8459). Even if these terms are logically correlated, there is no essentially any causal connection between them-change in one variable may not be directly caused by the other variable independent operation. A strong correlation between these variables does not imply a causal relationship between them-one does not causes the other (Wiener & Bornstein, 2011).

The experimental research article used is Yurt and Sunbul (2012) study on the “Effect of Modeling-Based Activities Developed Using Virtual Environments and Concrete Objects on Spatial Thinking and Mental Rotation Skills”. The research design used on the study was randomized control trials using control and experimental groups. The study was “designed and undertaken as a pre-test post-test with a control group experimental design to assess the efficacy of model developments using concrete objects and virtual environment in increasing mental rotation and spatial thinking of the students. The strength of the research design used is that it is one of the most effective ways of reducing the impact of external variables-it removes the extraneous variables. Its disadvantage is that it does not reveal causation.

Rosling uses graphical forms to present data. According to him, with incorrect statistical analysis, information can generate hypothesis in a very imaginative manner, given that people essentially have access. The talk shows the great significance of presenting data in a dynamic and interesting manner, particularly with a table or graph morphing itself to demonstrate time passage. I agree with Rosling’s effort to build a single site for publically available data as statistics can give a fact-based worldview. Visualizations are a clever way of vocalizing global issues. 

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