Cause and Effect Essay

It is the dream of every person to go to school and later be able to sustain himself or herself using the knowledge obtained from school. My decision to go to school has had several causes and effects where I decided to take 18 credits per semester. First of all, not many people would prefer to go back to school to further their studies. As a matter of fact, some people view the school as a prison. One of the effects of my decision to do a bachelors degree was motivated by the fact that I will be able to finish my bachelor early. There is a fixed number of credits that one should complete so as to graduate and the faster one decides to complete them, the early he or she will graduate. I have decided to put extra efforts in my studies at the college so as to get the best. Some students prefer taking fewer credits as they may not be able to concentrate fully on the studies. For my case, I take it as a personal challenge as I have the time to concentrate on my studies. I believe that I will perform well in the studies as I have put so much effort in the studies.

After finishing my studies, I will be able to apply for a promotion at my workplace. With a bachelor degree, I intend to work in a major airline. For one to work in a major airline, having a bachelor’s degree is an added advantage. My dream and aspirations since I was a child was to work in a major airline as a pilot. I have an opportunity to make my dreams come true through studying a bachelor’s degree. Major airlines pay their workers well and it is the wish of every worker to have a better salary. In the world we are living, competition for job position has continued to increase and those who are more educated have a better chance compared to those who are not educated. Since the absorption into most job position is based on merits, education and experience are given the first priority. That is one of the reasons as to why I decided to advance my studies by studying bachelor. I also believe that this is my best opportunity to study as am relatively young and energetic. Once am through with my studies, I hope to get a well paying job. 

The more one has advanced in his or career, there are high chances of salary increment. Getting a better pay in my career was another motivating factor in my studies. The only way in which an individual can advance in his or her career is through expanding their knowledge in the respective field and this can only be done by furthering the studies. I love my career, and I would like to learn more about it. I am committed to my studies not only to pass my exams, but also to have a better understanding of my field. Many students work hard so as to pass their exams and not because they are interested in their fields of study. My case is quite different; I want to have a deep understanding of my field of study. Also, I would wish to have a better pay hence I have to have extra papers. In many careers, the more one is educated, the higher the pay. I would like to be able to sustain myself in the future and support my family with a better pay. The more one has a higher pay, the more they are able to improve their life standards and that is my dream.   

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