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ROI Calculation

There are many ways that can help to calculate the return on investments, and modern technologies make these calculations more accurate, reliable and fast. The monetary outcome is not the only indicator that may help you to see your real ROI (Lenskold, 2003).

Google Ranking is a system of page ranking that determines what webpage is placed on what place in Google search after the user entered the keywords in the address bar. Google Ranking is especially important for online stores or websites with essential details about products or services that the customer may be looking for. A simple Google search of your website can easily reflect on how popular your website is and how the keywords correspond to the search request that your potential clients type in (Dawson, 2012). Increased Google Ranking leads to increased website traffic that is also reflective of the ROI. Site Traffic can be measured using Google Analytics tool. Apart from raw numbers you can as well find out interesting details about where the visitors of your website are from, and how often they visit your website in proportion to other visitors (Evans, 2010). This function is especially relevant for those who operate in different countries of the world, and it can influence future interface language choices or targeted advertisements that you post on your business webpage (Taylor, 2012).

Employee Retention is an instrument allowing more freedom for the employees. They can communicate and discuss important issues via Internet using internal business blogs and wikis. This recorded information available at open discussion boards will be helpful if the top-manager decides to change corporate policies, improve the corporate spirit or make a decision on corporate activities (Sheshah, 2011).

Reputation checks on the Internet are also great non-monetary instruments for finding the ROI. Fan pages on Facebook and free blogs on the web reflect of the customer’s attitude towards business and may contain important recommendations on how to enhance the existing conditions. The popularity and reputation are measured through Tweet reposts, Facebook likes, Google +1s, and bookmarks at Delicious.

If you need to calculate ROI of the social software platforms for Enterprise 2.0 that enable even the smallest businesses with limited resources to become profitable you need to take several steps. Social platforms guarantee higher employee engagement that results in higher ROI. Start with using the engagement ratings from the company’s employee surveys, collected the data related to the employee’s usage of the social network, find out what other factors may have influenced the engagement levels and finish with calculating the influence that social networks have on employee engagement.  

Blogging Strategy

The chosen blogging strategy will assume that the client has to see the advertisement many times before he decides to purchase the product. It means that my blog will include at least seven blog posts that the customer may be interested to read. Due to the variety of tastes each customer has, I will include as many topics related to my product as possible. The major topic of the blog should be divided into multiple subcategories reflecting on different aspects of what needs to be represented. Each blog category will be supported my basic articles starting with words “How to…” and “Seven tips for…” They are essential for building trust with your clients. It is always better to continue on dividing your categories and topics into more and more subordinate ones trying to create very specific topics with extreme detail and uniqueness (Tart, 2012). Moreover, the less specific your article title is the less traffic you will get because there are so many competitors on the Internet. Keywords should be extremely targeted, specific and long in order to get rid of competition. General articles should be connected with specialized articles in a logical way that fulfills the objectives of your business strategy. I will add as many social network connections as possible for the site visitors to share or e-mail, put likes or add them to bookmarks with ease. It is also reasonable to add a feedback form for customer questions and suggestions that also reflect on how the blog is perceived.

In terms of Brisbane Airport which is a large-scale business including multiple risks and opportunities I will include basic articles dedicated to the safety and behavior tips inside and outside the airport, recommendations on air travel, articles on business trips and tourism in the most popular locations (Brisbane Airport Official Website, 2008). The blogs will be full with pictures that are fitted for the screen sizes and do not take too much time to load even at slow connections (SCOUT, 2011). Some attention will be paid to retail stores and duty frees of the Brisbane Airport including tips on how to shop at such stores and what benefits are offered (Brisbane Airport Official Website, 2009). I would also try to build personal trustful relationships by investing on employee’s social networks where they, their relatives and friends can access additional information about the organization and share their thoughts on any related topic. The social space for the blogging strategy will include the fan pages and their members, websites of business people, social network groups for travelers (Brisbane Airport Official Website, 2009). The strategy for maintaining this social space and extending it is a combination of high-quality content, high engagement rate and large communities. A separate blog will be provided for retaining customers who are willing to share their impressions (Brisbane Airport Official Website, 2009). 

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