Jan 12, 2018 in Exploratory

Social Work IAT Reflection

After taking Gender-career Implicit Association Test (IAT), the results indicated a strong relation between men and career than women. On the other hand, women were more associated with family than men.

The outcome of the test indicates little self awareness. The initial thoughts, before the test, indicated equal association for both men and women in matters family and career. Traditionally, women were associated with making the homes and keeping the family together while men went out to work. This cultural background may have played a crucial role in influencing the IAT results. This is despite the fact that civilization and modern developments have brought about gender equality. Therefore, an individual’s mind may still maintain conservative thoughts when it comes to issues of gender and career.

According to Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS), the above results may place the individual at the first stage of the model. This is because the individual denies any cultural inequalities that exist when it comes to women and career. Subconsciously, the individual advocates for men to pursue their careers while women take care of the family. The individual may also fit into the second stage of the model. This is because of the possible negative perception towards women who are pursuing their careers. The individual may feel threatened as this practice is against the traditions.

As a future social worker, an individual needs to recognize the cultural differences that exist. This should include cultural differences that the individual fails to notice. This will enhance intercultural sensitivity. The individual also needs to be tolerant, or fully embrace, the cultural changes that are developing within the community. For instance, equal career opportunities for both men and women. These actions will improve the individual’s cultural sensitivity through the influence of the way of thinking about a given cultural practice.

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