Information Security Plan

In the age of high information technologies, everyone has a computer hardware and Internet access. In addition, almost everyone uses his computer to store the information needed, because it is convenient, efficient and reliable. However, one should remember that there are numerous ways, in which the computer can crack. Therefore, there is a need to use reliable systems of protection from spyware entry. Being regularly connected to the Internet, the main threat to the computer is infection by viruses, which could steal part of the content stored there.

The Internet is often used not only to search for any information, but in order to make calls. If for defense of calls the computer is supported by using the normal channels of communication, it is also sufficient to establish a special protection from phone tipsters. However, you will need a special program for protection against eavesdropping during the call via the Internet.

In this case, you need to install anti-virus software that will block the access to your computer. If you keep some important documents that are highly classified and stored on your computer, and you do not want them to become public knowledge, you can set a password to enter the account. However, the passwords are easily cracked by experienced hackers, but, even in this case, there is a way to prevent such a situation. Because the information is stored on the hard drive, which is located inside the system unit, one just should remove it from computer before going somewhere for a long time. Therefore, even if hackers will hack the computer, they would not take hold of your information, because you have removed the hard drive in advance. For information security in the real world, there are numerous facilities in the form of bollards, camcorders, suppressors of cell phone signals, etc. In the virtual world, there is a large variety of software for the protection of information, like antivirus programs, security software vendors, which can prevent the leakage of information from his PC.

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