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Web marketing, e-commerce, and global financing is becoming one of the most crucial part of every business strategy. This is an idea that is turning out as a powerful catalyst that aims at improving the profitability of most businesses. These new technologies are potential in the enhancement of business power and market competitive edge and assure future progress of numerous businesses.

Over the last few years social media have turned out to be a decisive driving force in facilitating a productive marketing and communication strategy. Social media are, therefore, a vital marketing and public relations tool in global business practices. “The commonly known social media sites in the world businesses include: Facebook, Twitter, Four Squares and various blog sites” (Patton, C 2009; 6). Through adequate study on the impact of social media in marketing strategy, the company has formed its own guideline for controlling the interaction between the company and its customers. The presence of numerous companies in social media is, therefore, incredibly vital in engaging its customers in the company’s operations and in facilitating constructive conversation between the company’s management and other stakeholders in the market. The essay below therefore seeks to expound on the Web Marketing strategy as a tool in e-commerce.

Global Internet Presence

Katz, Blumler, and Gurevitch, (2004; 512), “The presence of global internet in marketing aims at drawing the attention of the clientele regarding certain brands.” This helps in centralizing the focus of the clientele on business brands and offering differentiation regarding worth and cost. With global internet presence, the major goal is to develop a brand differentiation among all market companies, which is an essential tool for the success of brands. This also adds emotional worth with the good to attach it by the business customer’s real life. Through this emotional attachment to the product helps ensure that business attract more customers and retain the existing ones too. In this process, web marketing works as a constant link to clienteles because they believe that the firm is listening to their demands.

In addition, web management or site management is a crucial process towards ensuring that the interest of the firm and the clients are protected. The management of website is usually performed by the business IT department. This involves hiring several web masters to handle and manage the daily updates of the website. The web masters have the mandate of adding posting, service management, and product updates as a fundamental daily website management task. This is extremely essential since it also helps in ensuring that the firm’s profits are increased desirably.

The prosperity of an organization in global market is to a great extent necessitated by valuable positioning in local market. Moreover, a good number of the most profitable businesses in global market has created strong network between its products and the company’s customers in their local market. Therefore, it is incredibly vital for new businesses with an intention of expanding into global market to be sufficiently positioned in local market in order to flourish in the contemporary intricate international market. This can only be done through having a well developed web marketing tool that will assure the firm of profitability.

“Moreover, the key factors that determine the success of a business in both local and international market are the development of sustainable competitive advantages that will ensure that its competitors are never at par with their strategy” (Alan, 2009; 44). This can be employed both in the local market and the international market too. Moreover, positioning in local market has as well been incredibly decisive in the success of multinational businesses in the contemporary competitive market. The prosperity of a business in global market is therefore primarily based on the level in which domestic market offers a business with additional advantages pertinent in international market. Positioning in local market is the entire process of designing business’s image essential in development of productive reputation in customers’ mind.

Finally, effective web-based marketing demands that an organization fully appreciates and takes into consideration the unique advantages or characteristics of the Internet that makes it an essential tool in marketing. Due to the evolving nature of the Internet, numerous organizations embrace their web pages simply as an alternative form of advertisement that is better than the previously used newspaper ads. Effective web-based marketing requires organizations to fully enjoy the benefits of Internet marketing as a marketing strategy. “Some of these benefits include: interactivity, global access, variety and customization, proper time management, and interest driven” (Siegel, CF. 2005; 67). It is true that the emergence of Internet has transformed the modern market to greater heights.     


The Company’s use of social media in its promotion plans, as well as the engagement of its customers in decision making process, is a sign of prosperity of the company in the context of its short term and long term plans. The success of most business campaigns is as well a demonstration of the inescapable role of social media and e-marketing in modern marketing strategy. The current dominance of certain brands in the global market can, to a great extent, be associated with the role of their internet marketing strategies and social media as an emergent marketing strategy. Based on certain strategies, it becomes quite evident that it is imperative and essential for contemporary companies to adapt e-marketing, more so the social media services in their advertisement strategy. This will ensure that they are well positioned in the market.

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