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Oreo biscuit are chocolate sandwich cookies

Oreo biscuit are chocolate sandwich cookies produced by the Nabisco Company. They were first introduced in the market in the year 1911 and are today considered the world’s most popular cookies. It accounts for approximately 10% of the total cookies produced across the world. As competition grew, Nabisco embraced the current trends by focusing their production on newer versions of the existing product. This paper, therefore, seeks to highlight the benefits Oreo present to its customers, its target market and the various needs it strives to satisfy.

Businesses strive to understand the various needs of their customers and take necessary actions in an effort to meet their needs and expectations. This, they achieve by first identifying their target market. Nabisco Company has identified the young kids as its target market. They analyzed their needs thus coming up with the vanilla filling Oreo to meet their demands. It focused on the production of cookies that promoted color for crème filling and changed their shape. This proved to be appealing to the kids.

There are a number of customer needs that Oreo biscuits tend to satisfy. The major needs identified are hunger, nurturing need, imitation and fun.  In satisfying hunger need, Oreo as a source of food. It can be consumed in times of hunger. Certain circumstances do arise whereby mothers with kids between the age of 4 and 6 years face difficulties in feeding them. This group will tend to resist the consumption of some nurturing foods. Oreo biscuits come in handy as they act as a substitute to theses nurturing foods. Either, it can be consumed with milk.

Children are fond of naturally imitating things. When they watch Oreo adverts on television with kids enjoying licking, twisting and dunking cookies into glasses containing milk they tend to develop an urge of wanting the biscuits right away. They then imitate what they see in the adverts. The fun need is wide range. It has been found that it is not only the kids who would want to have fun and enjoy Oreo products. Parents too do enjoy having fun either individually or with their kids.

There are various ongoing changes in the market. They do have an impact in the various business organizations. Nabisco is not an exception as the varying trends have an impact on its operations. A survey study conducted by the TNS in the year 2004 amongst the Saudi families found out that there was an increase in the general purchasing power and a considerable change in the general lifestyle of the population. This impacted on the Oreo biscuits as the number of people who consumed it tremendously increased. They became loyal to the brand ensuring that the consumed amount remained relatively same over a longer period of time. Either, another survey conducted in 2007 by same firm revealed that up to 90% of the Saudi population consumed chocolate food with Oreo being in the lead in terms of consumption. This revealed that the production of Oreo biscuits had gone up with time.

A number of benefits are associated with the consumption of Oreo biscuits. Since biscuits are generally considered as food, Oreo biscuits become a ready source of food to many populations. Either, they cost less thus are affordable to many people. There quality is also high which satisfy the needs people have for products of high quality. They are also produced in many different varieties. This provides customers with a wide range to choose from.

It can be concluded, therefore, that the production of Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies is targeted at satisfying the specific needs of kids. Either, the general trends in the market place have lead to its producers adopting strategies that are appropriate. It has grown to become the leading brand of cookies.

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