Jan 12, 2018 in Business

Greenside Landscaping

Matt Jackson, owner of Greenside Landscaping, wants to publish a web site to promote his business. Although his site will be small, Matt wants to create a Web site which he can update regularly with photos of completed jobs. Matt has heard about online Web site creation and management tools and wonders if a Web-based tool would be right for him. He asks you to conduct some research to determine the best one for his company to use. To help identify the best Web site creation and management tool for the Greenside, complete the following steps.

1. Start your Web browser, and open the Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting Web site at http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/webhosting.

2. Use the resources on the Yahoo Small Business site to find information about Yahoo’s web hosting service that will assist you in making a recommendation for using Yahoo to create the Greenside Web site. Pay particular attention to user interface, online help and tutorials, server issues, cost and implementation. As you are gathering information, try to get a sense of how easy or difficult it would be for a beginner to use the program.

3. In a new tab, open the Microsoft Office Live Small Business Web site at http://smallbusiness.officelive.com. Use the guidelines in Step 2 to gather information about Web site creation and hosting services, paying particular attention to what Matt needs for his Web site.

4. When you are finished, write a one-page memo addressed to Matt Jackson that includes a table identifying the pros and cons of using each service to create Greenside’s Web site. Below this table, write a paragraph in which you recommend the use of one program over the other. Be sure to support your recommendation with specific information.

5. Close your browser.

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