Digital Business

Digital business refers to the sale of goods and services using the internet edge as a marketing tool to make or increase profits. Business prosper today based on how they adapt to digital media, every entrepreneur with a growing business should establish and implement an effective business strategy. For a digital business to succeed, one has to establish strategies, know where to start, and finally realize the importance of digital strategy.

Digital strategy          

Today’s digital tools are assisting customers connect, innovate, and interact with each other on a global scale. From smart phones to social networks, these tools help change the business relationship with the customers in spite of the industry’s size. A few years ago businesses relied on mass media to persuade customers with mass marketing, single out one way, to many customers as possible. Success in businesses today need a network model, one that takes advantage of the ability of a customer to interact, engage, and even collaborate with an organization  (Timers, 2002).

A small business should not attempt to do it all. With the right strategies in place, digital tools assist a business to save time and money and expand the reach of its marketing. A business needs to start by understanding its own customers, then identifying business objectives and choosing an appropriate strategy to suit them. Examples of new businesses that successfully implemented digital strategy include, Stephenie Myers: when she reached out to her own fans in their online networks, and assisted build her books titled Twilight into a trendy hit (Amor, 1999).

Digital media in the modern world has become a very crucial part in promoting businesses online. Businesses that operate offline enjoy moderate success but once they start operating online they enjoy a booming success. To succeed today, businesses need a network that takes advantage of the ability of a customer to engage, interact and collaborate with the business organization and with each other to help build the enterprise (Timers, 2002).

In conclusion, digital strategy is a must have in a particular business whether it’s a small enterprise or big enterprise, you need to understand your customer networks, their behaviors and surface up ideas to develop and add worth in your products, goods and services, helping your customer becoming your  biggest champion is the biggest driver of your  business.

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