As a source on knowledge, tenacity is also referred to as tradition. This is represented by an Adidas commercial that shows ‘star wars’ in which the products of Adidas remain unchanged even after rigorous activity; signifying high quality. The commercial is a good representation of what Adidas has been ‘traditionally’ offering in terms of quality shoes among other products. The line of reasoning was good because it represented the promise of the company to the clients.

On Authority

Authority is another source of knowledge in the non-scientific methods. In this case, authority is represented by the Nevada Development Authority commercial. The authority is geared towards achieving the necessary development goals. It was successful in passing the message that authority leads to transformation; the presenter was transformed into a pig.

On Reason

This entails rationalism and logic. This commercial shows how Pepsi drink was refreshing to a Chinese Karate expert and his trainees. The reasoning is that if Pepsi refreshed a person who is fighting, then it could also refresh one who is perhaps snoring.

On Common Sense

This connotes the most obvious things. Common sense items are those which are known or should be known by every person. It is represented by the commercial ‘Extendable Ears’. Thinking about it, it is not practical for ears to extend; but the commercial arouses interests. It is found out that extendable ears actually meant eavesdropping. It appears that the line of reasoning is hard to grasp.

On Science

This involves a structured way of investigation beginning with a research question and later hypothesis testing. It is the most reliable source of knowledge. Commercials that are scientifically oriented are fewer than those that are based on non-scientific sources. ‘BMW Science Ad’ is a commercial that shows how technology, engineering and science were put together to produce the new BMW. Through its speed on the road, it could be said that science is a useful tool for knowledge creation and generation.

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