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Business Letter

I   would like to use online academic tutoring activities to enable me improve my learning and writing. I, therefore, need these activities for my self-development and because of my interest in this subject. Apart from that, the previous work I submitted online was for my personal learning. My current interest is philosophy, it became such due to the things I have heard from my friends. Their opinion is that philosophy helps in broadening the way of reasoning and thinking, it also increases your social welfare and status in the society.

I require, therefore, major assistance and help, since I have not had any clear knowledge in such sphere as philosophy before. I am very interested in gaining new knowledge, but due to the fact that texts and terms in philosophy are rather difficult, I need help in my studying. The difficulties, therefore, prompt me to ask for assistance in defining, analyzing, and explaining the arduous philosophical terms and words.

On the other hand, I require someone who understands those terms, philosophical rules and the methods used in philosophy. The assistance should also be on the theories tested, and how they are applied in the society. Therefore, the understanding of a wider scope of the society, and how philosophy is applied to it, will broaden my outlook. Because of the nature of philosophy, the tutoring will help me in understanding and developing of knowledge and ability to analyze and explain the philosophical cases. Therefore, I need someone to assist in the analysis, educative and wider means for the full understanding of such subject as philosophy, which is of great interest and importance to me.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks in advance.

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