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Apple Company

Apple Company is an American multinational company that deals with computers, iPads, iPods and iPhones. Between the period from 2008 to 2011, Apple was named the most remarkable company in the United States by Fortune Magazine. The American based corporation has developed an excellent reputation in the electronics industry. Apple Company has recorded tremendous growth over the past decade due to its unique range of products. It has often appeared in the news among the world’s wealthiest companies because of the organization’s profitability. Recently, the company has shown interest to the increase of its market share by opening an Apple center in Shangai (Nui, 2011). However, the Company has also experienced a huge number of challenges in the market, especially a big drop in its stock prices.

The demand for Apple products has continued to be stable with minimal variations over time. Some of the variations can be due to disruption in the supply chain. The demand for the products has also several shifts among them. For instance, the customer’s demand for iPad mini has gone up leading to a drop in iPad tablet. However, Apple continues to hold main part of the U.S. market despite fierce competition with its counterparts like Samsung.

Apple basically deals with consumer electronics, and it has to consider the number of factors in order to keep a competitive edge. First of all, the product brand is very vital. The uniqueness of Apple products like the introduction of iPhone 5 has relatively increased demand for Apple products around the globe. Secondly, more and more people are buying Apple products due to the utility factor: the products are stylish, and their features exactly suit the customers’ needs. All Apple products are perceived as user-friendly.  

Recently, Apple managed to secure and patent its products, especially iPhone series. Apart from being paid a sum of one billion dollars by Samsung for violating its patent, Samsung has also withdrawn all sales of Galaxy S3 mini from the U.S. market, leaving Apple with a wider market (Musil, 2012). Another breakthrough is the success of IMAPS for customers’ access to the world map after the fall of Google maps. 

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