Ambulance Services Business Plan

The Ambulance service’s mission is largely to be the most recognized organization that provides help to some of the ambulatory services. This is to meet its essential intentions just within its target market; thus, serving all the wishes and needs of the people it provides services to. The main purpose of this ambulance service is to raise funds typically used with the aim of development of an ambulance service. Apart from that it will be to showcase the most expected obtained financials. In addition to that this is to assist in the planned services and operations over the next planned years. The New Ambulance Service, which is a company based in the US, will work with its mandate to provide emergency and non-emergency care, which is a necessity in the medical transportation services to those, who may need it in its intended market. This paper, therefore, develops a business plan for the ambulance services provider.

The Ambulance Service Company was founded in 2012 by Joseph Kennedy. As mentioned above, the function critical goal of it is provision of the non-emergency and emergency transportation for various victims or injured persons to the health facilities, as well as to transport physicians, physical therapy clinics, and also out to the treatment centers.  To add to that the Company will be able to urgently attend to both 911 calls and regular medical ambulance needs. The ambulance business will then receive majority of the revenue from the public, and then will be funded with private insurance companies and healthcare systems. This business plan will also discuss the services offered by the Ambulance that will allow its operations to be well-organized and done in a fair way to incorporate the target market.

The main Ambulance Service’s mission is to become the recognized company providing the ambulatory services within its. There is also another company, which was founded by Joseph Kennedy, who has more than 10 years of experience as an emergency medical technician. Through Mr. Kennedy’s skills and expertise, the businesses operations were brought to profitability within the first year of operations.  

History of Ambulance Services

Since the number of emergencies has increased, so did the number of calls and of the required medical services, according to the records of the health facilities each year. Comparing to the previous years, the unit has been recorded to be offering respondents to over 500 EMS calls. In 2009, the department responded to over 1000 calls. The main cause of this was reported as being due to the development of the medical corridor. Another reason, which was recorder to be closely related to, was that increasing age of the residents. For more than 30 years the Ambulance Department has offered very efficient services and has been an innovative leader in offering the transportation services, especially in the emergency and even non-emergency services. The corresponding staff, which consists of both men and women, is well trained.

They, therefore, have demonstrated time after time their knowledge and ability to plan. Apart from this, the ambulance companies are adapting to the changing needs of the community. The total recorded number of the calls for medical emergencies will continue to increase in a high and extremely higher rate. The department is, thus, continuing to meet this changing demand. Many of the past reported problems with most ambulance transport services have been alleviated and changed in a large way, but unfortunately, some of those problems persist today even with the applied efforts towards arresting the situation.

The average ambulance response time has recorded an improvement, but still not to the time frame recommended. On medical emergency calls, ambulance services initiate advanced patient car. When a lot of time is taken for preparations, then the care of the patient will be interrupted during this process, and some information will be lost regarding the patient or patient care during the transfer. The Ambulance Services organization takes full responsibility of the patients care from the time the emergency call is reported until they are transported to the emergency treatment room. The department is equipped with both facilities and skills that they put in practice in handling and emergency in a professional manner. Even if there is a need for a medical emergency or there was a risky and hazardous materials incident, extrication, rescue, or anything else, the Ambulance Service Department will take care of the emergency case. The Ambulance Service Department is normally deployed for the sake of emergency. However, in some cases even the quick response might not be termed as the emergency response due to the time limits. Taking into consideration that there are no other systems, except for the Ambulance Department, that are able to respond with a complete transportation services handling the incidents out of the hospital, their work should not be undermined.

Market Analysis

The Ambulance Services has a sole intention of maintaining and providing an extensive marketing campaign. This is what will ensure maximum visibility for the Ambulance service business and its targeted market. Below there is an illustration and overview of the possible marketing strategies and objectives of the Ambulance service company.

Marketing Objectives

  1. The Ambulance Services Company will do its best to ensure that it establishes relationships with hospitals and almost all the 911 call centers within the target market localization, which will enable it to efficiently attend to its clients as intended;
  2. Develop strong and good relationships with nursing homes, the out-patient facilities, the available assisted living facilities, and also other healthcare businesses, which have non-emergency ambulatory transportation needs. In this way the Ambulance Services Company will be able to get tenders and be recommended to help in case of emergency and non-emergency. This will help in marketing its services to those, who might need them at any given time.
  3. There are well-established marketing ways that include adverts and employment of professional marketers in order to help in selling the idea and convincing the target market to recommend the Ambulance Services. 

Marketing Strategies

The management team of the institution under analysis has organized various ways in order to employ a number of marketing strategies. This will enable the Ambulance service company, which is the organization to generate the revenue from its ambulatory services, to become profitable just in the very onset of the company’s operations. Prior to the commencement of business, Mr. Kennedy, who is the founder of the company, will develop relationships with various physicians, hospitals, out-patient facilities, and physical therapy clinics. This will help in marketing the company and the services it offers to the patient facilities and physical therapy clinics. Mr. Kennedy wants to promote and develop communicative folder that regards company’s services, which will, in turn, showcase someone’s licensure and the cost effectiveness of the company’s services. Ambulance Services Company also has to develop relationships with municipal governments that claim 911 call centers. This will help in transferring the emergency calls directly to the Company.

It is with great importance to always note that these relationships are highly solidified, the Company will be able to maintain an efficient and standard business referral streams. Due to these streams, the Ambulance Services will deteriorate in its marketing expenditures and business decline because of the ongoing relationships.

Organizational Plan on Staffing/Personnel Summary

The structure of the staff and personnel will be as illustrated above. This enables the work to be done in the most effective and efficient way, as every department is accorded with its duty and mandate to fulfill it.The senior manager will lead and manage the ambulance service operation. Administrative Department staff possesses the knowledge, knowhow, capability, orientation skills, and experience to enable it to run an ambulance service. However, if the plan is well and enthusiastically adopted, the supervisor’s, owner’s, and operators’ vacancies will be implemented and then staffed. The facilities department in management will then provide a daily supervision of the services offered by the sector. The Ambulance service will develop a qualified supervisor.

Financial Data Overview

Required Funds

At this time the business requires $250,000 of the debt funds. It has a strong belief of meeting the debt settlement and overcoming the challenges. Below one can find the ways, in which the company’s funds will be put into use. The funds are from the debt acquired.

Investor Equity

The founder of the Ambulance, Mr. Kennedy, is not looking for funding from the 3rd party at the moment. This, therefore, eliminates the need to maintain investors’ equity to the business.

Management Equity

At the moment the sole founder of the Ambulance is Mr. Joseph Kennedy, who owns 100% of the Ambulance Services Company. He, therefore, gives the full support for the whole project and the entire budget. The average patient of the Ambulance Services company will, therefore, be a person living within the company’s target service area. The precise and decode demographics that the Ambulance Services will end up using to market and advertise its services might be aged between 16 and 60 .The patient must also have a family household income of $25,000 to $40,000 per year.

Apart from that, the person involved must be in need of emergency or non-emergency ambulatory medical services. To this effect Mr. Joseph Kennedy is, therefore, seeking to raise $250,000 as a bank loan. In this case the interest rate and loan agreement are, therefore, to be further discussed in the time or rather during the concession. The type of plan will then assume that the ambulance company will end up securing a ten year loan with a nine percent fixed interest rate.

Another source of funding are the small grants, which are sometimes used to fund special projects; however, this option will not be considered, owing to the fact that grant funding is inconsistent. On the other hand the grants are also noted to be unreliable for the operational funding. The Ambulance Company has a special rating from banks, which will help in supporting the whole project. The company, thus, has adequate reserves and a sound financial history. The accounting department, thus, will have an open and efficient operating budget that does not contain funds for the establishment of the Ambulance Services Company. This possibility was not foreseen in the time, when the budget was created, starting in February 2012, because of the founder’s quest of securing and controlling over the emergence of the medical services. Therefore, many things are supposed to be done between adoption of plan and the date to start. This includes the hiring and training of personnel, purchasing of ambulances and of the corresponding equipment. Lastly, the main aim is to carefully select a billing contractor, and to get the required licenses.

Implementation Schedule

The Ambulance Services department will have to place in its schedule ten full-time ambulances into service daily. The ambulance services will all have the staff, which is trained, caring, and well-equipped for any kind of emergency or non-emergency assistance or any other service to offer. 

In the event that an additional or extra ambulance is needed for response to varied emergency incident, personnel can be quickly and promptly relocated and address the situation. In the unlikely event, when the number of required ambulances will exceed the number of the available ones, the company will turn to a mutual aid request for it to secure additional ambulances. This will be majorly for the need of extra assistance and services in those cases, when the cases of mass destruction or other accidents will be reported. The help of the ambulance services in this situation may be received even from the private ambulance service companies. There is a well-established agreement with the private ambulance services, at no cost, to provide the extra ambulances in case of such emergency.

Evaluation Criteria

The Company’s possible and available revenues and funds do not affect the changing trends in the general economy. For this reason the emergency medical services, including ambulatory services, are majorly and highly required despite the possible unexpected changes in the general economy. Apart from that the Ambulance Services Organization will get its funds or revenues directly from the publicly funded systems of health and the private insurance companies. The reasons and the sources highlighted ensure the company’s constant cash inflow on monthly basis.

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