Epidemiology Analysis

Public health is a key factor for the future prosperity of Florida. Healthy children learn better, healthy adults are more productive, and healthy elderly people lead a more active lifestyle. A healthy population attracts potential employers/investors who plan to settle in the state and does not absorb the state budget and municipal areas due to excessive health care costs. The Healthy People 2020 project is a significant one since it aims to provide health to all persons within the borders of the United States (National Center for Health Statistics, 2010). It is a comprehensive plan to emphasize on the nationwide health promotion and prevention of various illnesses, like cancer, heart diseases, or influenza (National Center for Health Statistics, 2010). Moreover, the current project aims to prevent the disability among citizens of every state of the country and the causes of the premature death (National Center for Health Statistics, 2010). The Healthy People 2020 project has two major goals, such as the elimination of health disparities and the increase of the quality and duration of citizens lives (National Center for Health Statistics, 2010). The research paper emphasizes the significance of the project and shows the influence of influenza, crime, and car accidents on the development of the society in Sunrise, Florida.

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Healthy People 2020

Each state has to form their objectives according to the origin of the health of the inhabitants of the climatic zone as well as their quality of life. Therefore, the Florida Department of Health Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention has formed the specific goals for addressing the major areas of the Healthy People 2020 project, taking into consideration the atmosphere in the Florida State (Florida Health, n.d.-a). According to the report, it is necessary to fight arthritis in the region, to reduce its occurrence and to provide an overall activity for patients with such a disease. Cancer is one of the global health issues, and Florida is not an exception (Florida Health, n.d.-a). The goal of the Healthy People 2020 project in Florida is to reduce cancer mortality through early detection of it and the complete guidance of the society, which is aimed to prevent the occurrence of such a problem (Florida Health, n.d.-a). Moreover, physical activity is one of the major goals for Florida, as it helps to evaluate the level of health in the region, to promote weight management among young and adults, and to improve diet and nutrition of the inhabitants of the area (Florida Health, n.d.-a). Physical activity and active lifestyle have the possibility to prevent the elevated cholesterol in citizens and to control diabetes. It is necessary to unite efforts for reduction of the number of diseases and lower health care costs. By spreading the culture of a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to create a healthy and successful society.


Influenza is an acute infectious disease of the respiratory tract which is caused by the influenza virus. In common parlance, it is often referred to any flu, colds, but that is not true, because, apart from the actual influenza virus, similar symptoms can be caused by a variety of other adenoviruses, rhinoviruses, respiratory syncytial viruses among others. According to recent statistics, 15% to 40% of the population becomes ill with influenza every year (Florida Health, n.d.-b). Moreover, not every case of the disease ends in recovery. According to Healthy People 2020, an average of about 36,000 people in the United States die from influenza yearly, and 114,000 people are hospitalized due to flu infection yearly (Florida Health, n.d.-b). The peculiarity of this disease is that each person can catch it, regardless of the level of health and the presence of chronic diseases (Florida Health, n.d.-b). Moreover, flu often provokes complications that lead to serious health problems. However, complications occur more often in people with chronic diseases, in patients over 65 years, as well as in children (Florida Health, n.d.-b). This year, the peak of influenza activity in Florida occurred in 7-11 week 2016 season, later than it was previously (Florida Health, n.d.-b). The most difficult period was the Week 9, when the largest number of people turned for help to the Department of the UCC (Florida Health, n.d.-b). After the ninth week, the incidence rate has stabilized and is now in the normal range at this stage of the season (Florida Health, n.d.-b). At this stage of the season, it is in a period of stagnation, and influenza activity has been recorded in Sunrise, Florida, and other states (Florida Health, n.d.-b).

Nevertheless, the disease killed seven pediatric patients in the year. This happened despite the fact that Florida death recorded infrequently (Florida Health, n.d.-b). To date, the best way to protect children from the disease is an annual vaccination (Florida Health, n.d.-b). According to the Bureau of Public Health Laboratories, the most common form of influenza from the beginning of 2016 is virus B (Florida Health, n.d.-b). This seasonal variation is typical to Florida area, especially in the transition to summer (Florida Health, n.d.-b). Moreover, the group B influenza virus was common to all regions of the country this year (Florida Health, n.d.-b). Thus, the flu affects the life of the community, because no one is completely safe from the disease. It is important to adjust the incidence peaks in the season when many people are susceptible to influenza. Moreover, it is important to protect children and adult generation of 65, because flu consequences are the most difficult for them than for the active person.

Crime Rates

According to the Department of Law Enforcement, tracked the crime in Florida is murder, sexual offenses, assault with aggravating circumstances, burglary, theft, robbery, and theft of vehicles (Crime Rate in Sunrise, Florida (FL), 2016). However, currently, there is a decrease in crime activity in the community, compared to the year 2011 (Crime Rate in Sunrise, Florida (FL), 2016). At the same time, figures vary only serious crimes such as murder, rape, and robbery.

Today, in Sunrise, Florida, there are 64 sex offenders (Crime Rate in Sunrise, Florida (FL), 2016). The ratio of the number of inhabitants in the number of sex offenders in the city is under 1388: 1 (Crime Rate in Sunrise, Florida (FL), 2016). This rate in the city is close to the average for the country. However, crime rates in Sunrise, Florida on 8% lower than the average in Florida and 23% higher than the national average (Crime Rate in Sunrise, Florida (FL), 2016). The level of violent crime in the city by 44% lower than the average in Florida and 17% lower than the national average (Crime Rate in Sunrise, Florida (FL), 2016). The level of crimes against private property in Sunrise, Florida 2% lower than the average in Florida and 29% higher than the national average (Crime Rate in Sunrise, Florida (FL), 2016). Today, the U.S. murder with firearms are the second cause of death among young people aged up to 19 years and the first cause among black youth (Crime Rate in Sunrise, Florida (FL), 2016). Sunrise, Florida is not an exception from the rule of murders because of fire (Crime Rate in Sunrise, Florida (FL), 2016). However, the rate of murders with guns is not the highest in the country, and the city is safer than 14% of the cities in the United States (Crime Rate in Sunrise, Florida (FL), 2016). At the same time, crimes are significantly influencing the life of people in the society. Because of the high murder rates, some people are afraid to leave their homes, which causes the lack of activity and some chronic diseases. Therefore, even indirectly crimes are influencing the health of the society.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are another significant factor that influences public health. The violations of traffic rules bring many problems for every neighborhood. Annually, in the world, in car accidents, 0.2 million people are killed, 0.5 million are maimed, and 10 million are injured (Accident Guide in Florida, n.d.). By the use of space, in the world, for at least a third of the city area is occupied by roads and parking lots. Road construction largely stimulates an increase in traffic and, consequently, reducing the average travel speed. In Sunrise, Florida, there have been registered 30.325 crimes on the highways in 2015 (Accident Guide in Florida, n.d.). Moreover, there have been 195.453 accidents on the roads, which are classified as non-criminal at the same year of record (Accident Guide in Florida, n.d.). There were 94.963 non-moving interactions in total (Accident Guide in Florida, n.d.). Therefore, there is a wide variety of different accidents, taking place on the roads every year. The growing number of car parks at a relative stabilization of the length of the road network and the development of technical means of traffic control will increase road traffic injuries, increased levels of pollution by harmful substances air, soil, water bodies and groundwater (Accident Guide in Florida, n.d.).

To reduce the quantity of injuries in the car accidents in the region, the authorities of Sunrise, Florida has emerged a list of rules, which should be obeyed by everyone who has been a part of the car accident. These lists, which are available for every driver in the state, contain the number of actions that should be taken after the crash. A list of rules should help the society to reduce the number of killed people in the car accidents, and to increase the level of awareness of every citizen of Sunrise.


Today, the production activity of mankind is connected with the use of various natural resources, covering most of the chemical elements. Strengthening of anthropogenic impact on the environment has given rise to some health problems. The society of Florida achieves the impact from influenza every year, despite the vaccination and actions of authorities. Moreover, influenza causes death every year. However, people are also injured because of different crimes and car accidents, which influence the commodity of the public health. Therefore, the overall image of the health issue of the society depends on the various factors, and each of them has a significant impact on the life of Sunrise, Florida.

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