Comparison of Two Jobs

Majority of grown up people cannot imagine their lives without doing something. This may include household duties, taking care of children, and working as an employee, making money for living. Last part is significantly different from the tasks we do on our own – most people go to the job that is rather well paid than the one that would bring them satisfaction. I have tried working on a number of various positions, and they all brought me unique experience and influenced the choice of the next job I had to the certain extent.  However, I had one job that I really appreciated, which was driving a tow truck, while I literally hated my previous job, when I was working as a fast food kitchen worker.  I would like to prove that despite possible inconveniences and unstable working conditions working on a tow truck is definitely better than being employed as a fast food kitchen worker.

Both types of jobs have one thing in common – the overall monthly pay is rather low, and depends a lot on the extra hours one spends working. It is simpler for the fast food kitchen worker to gain stable wages on a monthly basis since the total number of working hours can be arranged individually with the management. Things are a little bit different for the tow truck drivers – their earnings depend on the quantity of cars that were towed off the city streets, although lately this number constantly goes up and there are almost no idle periods. Working in the kitchen involves as much efforts and dedication as driving the tow truck, yet this work brings less responsibility to the one doing it.

Working in the fast food chain kitchen does not always means staying inside all the time and doing the same routine things. One might end up unloading the supplies truck and bringing boxes of frozen half-done food inside. Moreover, the smell might be pleasant only to the visitors of such places who spend only minutes inside and move one, while kitchen workers get fully soaked with the smell of boiled baked stuff so that sometimes even shower cannot get that smell off one’s body. Another disadvantage of this job is the impossibility of taking the break when there is a high workload – manager would not let anyone out till all the customers get their orders and there are no more orders. Yet, the worst thing in this job is the necessity of becoming a part of the crowd – same outfit as the other workers wear, same actions repeated on a daily basis which may drive a perfectly normal person insane.

Tow truck driver is a kind of job where the person is not limited to a certain place, but rather vice versa – driver’s duties include travelling across the city all the time, pulling cars off the streets. Sometimes weather conditions are not perfect, but it takes one minutes to attach the car and return to the truck. You can always turn on the favorite radio station or listen to any music either on duty or just looking for another car to tow. Moreover, there are no restrictions if one needs a break – it is totally fine to go for a coffee or spend some time talking on the phone with your friends – duty time can be always postponed. Last, but not least is the opportunity to use the tow truck to go around town for some minor personal needs instead of taking the bus or using other public transport.

Despite the fact two jobs described above have certain common features, they are absolutely different. Based on the comparison of the different features and characteristics that both jobs have, the following conclusion may be drawn: working as a tow truck driver has numerous benefits compared to working as a fast food kitchen worker.

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