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Anger Management

In the books “Taming the Anger Monster” by Anne Davidson and “Dealing with Feelings” by Rudolph Verderber, the writers bring out the argument that most people in the present day live in an angry society. Anne Davidson gives examples of several incidents where people have impacted out. She even states diverse situations where a complete language has grown to define it; this comprises of sideline road, biker rage, and the computer. All of these features are what have generated people’s anger. These are the reasons to angry break-outs that include deficiency of time, technology, and pressure. In accordance with Anne, all of the above have been observed upon as reasons to cause an individual’s anger (Verderber 64).The book “Dealing with Feeling” by Rudolph Verderber has three central parts relating to dealing with one’s feelings. They include withholding, displaying, and describing what one feels. He explains to the reader on the main points how to enable ourselves to deal with our feelings. The book states that if one withholds things inside his or her soul, they might have several problems with themselves. If they display their feeling to people, they will understand what you are going to do and attempt to assistance you or somebody. When you define your feelings to people, you are letting them know what is taking place in your life. According to Rudolph, one tends to feel better with themselves when they express their feelings; as a result, they are able to assist themselves and other people as well (Davidson 34).

In “Taming the Anger Monster”, the author brings several examples concentrating on the subject of the society that is angry. Her purpose is to display the anger among the people of America; Anne talks about the roots of anger, its results, and how to combat anger. The book begins with the anger story of Laura Houser. While driving, as an irresponsible girl, she responds in an angrily manner to another driver. This leads to a few instances that cause anger in the book and in real life situations. In addition, Anne asks and answers the query why people are angry (Davidson 2). She also discusses the three chief points that are the most important in relation to angry behavior, namely technology, instances, and tension. Nonetheless, Anne adds ways of how to combat anger pointing to common sense and patience as the most important aspects. She applies these three mechanisms in her discussion to fault the response of the people of America in the book. She states, “Americans work longer hours and are rewarded with less vacation time than people in any other industrial society (Davidson 3).”

In both books by the above writers, they clarify how recounting feelings are superior to suppressing them or displaying them. Withholding feelings is one method of dealing with them. It is a very harmful methodology. It can lead to high blood pressure and other stress-connected diseases. It also generates detachment in the relationship. Another method of dealing with feelings is to show them. This is also hazardous if the feelings are undesirable. One might feel upright to “blow up” at the other individual; on the other hand, this impedes good communication and for that reason is generally unsafe to the relationship. It is commonly best to define your feelings (Verderber 67). This implies telling the other individual how you feel as a consequence of what has happened. For instance, instead of asking “Why did you steal from me?” attempt saying “I feel hurt” or “I feel betrayed.” Then tolerate the other person to reply. Unfolding one’s feeling is not at all times easy, but it is the harmless and healthiest method to deal with resilient negative feelings (Verderber 45). The key point that he author identifies is the withholding and displaying feeling. 

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