Analysis of Once Recent Article

The given paper analyzes the article “One Tiny State’s Movement to Ban Private Prisons”written by Jonathan Leavitt and published in the Counter Punch Magazine. The article highlights the issues of the private correctional facilities existing in the State of Vermont and the measures that are being taken to get rid of these facilities.  According to Leavitt (2013), private prisons, such as the Correctional Corporation of America (CCA) and Lee Adjustment, serve to lock up the individuals in the State of Vermont. These correctional facilities are in business, and their key aim is to make profit without focusing on correcting individuals and ensuring that they come out as better individuals. The article points out that the issues such as the lack of mental health, enhanced racism, overcrowding, sexual abuse and the overall harassment of prisoners are common in these private prisons. Notably, private prisons, such as the Correctional Corporation of America (CCA), make enormous profits but the quality of their correctional services do not reflect a true picture of the profits generated. Public officials in Vermont should struggle and solve all the matter relating to private prisons. They should also introduce new and better public correctional facilities. The article emphasizes that the information would reach the public in an effective manner through the high school teenagers. In order to achieve efficiency of all correctional facilities, morality must be on the first place.

The article highlights the issues of overcrowding in correctional facilities. Namely, it relates to the issue of large numbers of prisoners in correctional facilities that was also discussed throughout the course. It is worth noting that most current correctional facilities are congested, and authorities do not seem to care about this matter. Most correctional facilities are overcrowded and this has resulted in faster spread of airborne diseases among the prisoners. The continued spread of airborne diseases in correctional facilities has increased the number of deaths among the prisoners. Therefore, is becomes difficult to achieve the desired goal of guiding these individuals because of the overcrowding. Moreover, the management of prisoners has also become difficult, as their number is much bigger than required.

More so, the article also relates to the concepts and issues discussed during the course because it entails the issue of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is one of the key issues affecting most prisons in America and other parts of the globe. It is worth noting that sexual harassment in correctional facilities could occur among the prisoners themselves or from the officers who are responsible for taking care of these prisoners. This implies that some individuals force the other ones to take part in undesirable sexual acts such as homosexuality, which may be against their conviction. This exemplifies the heightened loss of morality in correctional facilities because of the lack of effective guidance for these prisoners. Therefore, sexual harassment is an enormous issue that exists in correctional facilities and requires an urgent address.

The given article relates to the issues and concepts discussed throughout the course as it also talks about the lack of effective mental and psychological guidance in most correctional facilities. Most prisons, especially the private ones, concentrate on the generation of revenues that would boost their profitability instead of taking significant measures that would ensure that prisoners are corrected according to the standards of the state.  Seabrook (2008) opines that most correctional facilities concentrate on the punishment of prisoners without offering the required mental and psychological guidance that would lead to the recovery of these prisoners and ensure that they would adopt the correct path. Therefore, the deviation from the desired purpose is a common occurrence in correctional facilities, which has made it difficult for the prisoners to recover as required. 

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