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Research Proposal Outline: Definition and Important Tips

A research proposal outline is a general plan, presentation or description of the most significant features of the future research or study, but not the details. A research or study outline assists in understanding who your consultant or supervisor is and who will be able to support your project. It also clearly shows how you are able to conceptualize and present your best ideas on paper. An outline is similar to a research proposal, but is not very detailed, in-depth, thoughtful and comprehensive at the initial stage of your study or research. The most significant pieces of information that should be provided are as follows:

  • research / study topic;
  • rationale for this research or study topic. You should clearly state why you have settled on this very topic out of a wide scope of other topics in your field of science (clearly answer why this topic is of great significance);
  • methodological approach(es) that you consider you should stick to (quantitative, qualitative, or both).

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Parts of a Research Proposal: Essentials

If you have a close look at our research proposal template, you will be able to differentiate such essential parts as:

Title page. It is of great significance to indicate the title of the research, student’s first and last name, institution affiliation, subject or course, and the day of submission, depending on which style of formatting is to be followed. If the work is to be written following the APA format, only the title, student’s name and surname, and the name of the institution are required. If you should stick to MLA formatting style, then you should indicate your first and last name, your professor’s name and surname, course name, and the day of submission. This element is of great significance in each written assignment, whether it is an ordinary custom essay or a dissertation.  

Abstract. It is a summary of a research or any written work, such as case study, research proposal, thesis, dissertation, etc. It is completed to assist the future readers in quickly ascertaining the most significant points of the research or work. If an abstract is used, it is always appears at the beginning of a research, thesis, dissertation, etc. Such terms as “synopsis or précis” can be utilized in specific publications instead of the term “abstract.” For instance, in Management, Business Administration or Marketing research papers, an executive summary may contain much more information that an abstract usually does.

Introduction. This part should be brief, catchy, fascinating, and interesting. It is of great importance to attract readers’ interest and focus and make them continue reading the work till the end. In this section, the main problems or issues that you are planning to work on should be provided. It usually comprises research aim, goals and objectives, research hypotheses, and research questions, as well as the significance of the research.  

Background. In the following section, a more detailed and in-depth overview of the issue should be provided. It is imperative to keep to a clear and coherent structure and rubric, as well as apply the research or study paper samples if there is a need. In this section, you should explain why it is of great importance to complete a research on this very topic, enumerate the key problems that you are going to cover, and offer a short plan of your future study or research paper.

Sources review. This section is very complicated to work on, as it comprises plenty of information and material that should be structured thoughtfully and accordingly. A research proposal outline can help you in seeing how you should process the related literature so as to make the whole structure of your research or study clear, simple, and homogeneous. You should clearly indicate that there are a number of researches or studies, based on the field or area of your interest and involvement but they do lack some data that you are planning to perform in your own research or study.

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Research methods or methodology. This section is of great importance because you should provide effective and efficient methods that will be utilized in your study or research. Try to list all the methods that failed to be previously applied by other scholars, researches or academicians and present a new research design, which should be based on the overview of the related literature.

Assumptions & consequences. It is imperative to provide possible results or findings of your future research or study. In the following section, it is necessary to clarify what influence your research could have, what the suggestions, potential changes in or contributions to the chosen field could be. You should also clearly indicate how it will impact the people’s lives and how the research results or outcomes will be applied.

Conclusion. The following section ought to be straight to the point and very brief. You should make emphasis on why your research or study is significant and why it ought to be conducted. You should also dedicate a few sentences to the field of its future implementation and why mankind could benefit or progress from it.

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